Aerosol Therapy Mask

Over-the-ear design helps maintain proper positioning and enhances patient comfort. Anatomically-correct form aids long-term users and edentulous patients.
Features - Adjustable over-the-ear style available in adult configuration
- Soft, clear aerosol mask with anatomical form
- Exceptionally comfortable for even hard-to-fit faces
- Gently-rolled, feathered edges with nose bridge cut-out

Blood Bag System

COMMON FEATURES Siliconised with ultra-thin walled 16 G sharp pointed Japanese needle for smooth and comfortable venipuncture. Rounded Shape of the bag minimizes loss of blood components during Transfer and Transfusion. If Red cells are preserved in SAGM solution then the life of Red cells goes upto 42 days. The CPD Solution preserves whole blood for 21 days whereas CPDA solution preserves blood for 35 days. Special break-off needle cover prevents re-use of bag. Provided with standard donor tubing to collect blood. Convenient hanger slits and holes are provided for use during Blood Collection and Blood Transfusion, it also allows easy suspension of bag in vertical position.

1008 Polyway with Extension Tube

COMMON FEATURES Three Way Stop Cock with Extension Tube
Extension line with three way stop cock at one end & male luer lock connector at other end.
Soft, frosted & kink resistant PVC tubing provides uninterrupted fuid movement.
Tube length: 10, 25, 50, 80, 100, 150 & 200 cm.
Extension Tube dia: l3.0 mm, 04.1 mm.

1006 Polyway

COMMON FEATURES Three Way Stop Cock.
For pressure up to 4.5 bar (65 psi).
360 rotation

1021 Polyway Pro

COMMON FEATURES Three Way Stop Cock Lipid Resistant
For pressure up to 4.5 bar (65 psi).
360 rotation
Handle Color Light Blue.

1009 Polyfusion Vented Set

COMMON FEATURES Intravenous Fluid Infusion Set with Airbvent
Sharp and easy piercing air vented spike
Bacteria retentive air inlet with snap on cap
Transparent drip