Our Specialised areas

Oil & Gas industries (Rubber & Plastic Application
Anti Fatigue Mat
Anti Vibration Mounting & Spring Isolator
Rubber and Polyurethane
Conveyor Belt Cleaner & Skirting Rubber
Engineered Rubber product
Glove Recycling material
Dry Compound
Tyre Dust

Our Services

RRP Sdn Bhd provides the following consultation services for Rubber & Plastic manufacturing;


  1. Rubber Plant set up
    1. Setting up Gloves production line
    2. Setting up Rubber Molding plant
    3. Setting up Rubber injection plant
    4. Setting up Rubber Extrusion plant
    5. Setting up Rubber compounding plant (Master batch)

  2. Design of
    1. Formulation
    2. Product
    3. Mould


  1. Crushing
    1. Granules Form
    2. Palletizing

  2. Plastic manufacturing plant set up